Cost of Smoking Cigarettes Vs Vaping

15 Jan Cost of Smoking Cigarettes Vs Vaping

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It is difficult to put a price on what it means to switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping. There are many costs that one cannot calculate, involving the value of regaining one’s health, the social benefits of not having to disappear for a smoke. This article is only going to contemplate financial costs, since the others are immeasurable.

We decided to crunch some numbers and find out just how much money a typical smoker might expect to save by switching to vaping. The cost analysis below shall show the money saved when making the switch.

Example analysis for someone who smokes a pack a day:

$6.00 (cigarette pack cost) x 365 days a year = $2190/year or $183/month total cost of smoking

For E-Cigarettes, we have included the vaping device cost + replacement parts cost + e-liquid.

For the vaping device, we used an above average vaping device ($40), a generous every other month atomizer replacement ($64/year). Batteries generally last 3 months which means you will need to purchase two more batteries during the year ($28/year). A 10ml bottle of e-liquid will usually last a little longer than a week for someone who smokes a pack a day ($208 a year).

$40 (starter kit) + $64 (atomizer) + $28 (batteries) + $208 (eliquid) = $340/yearly or $28/monthly.

Estimated savings

$2190 (smoking cost) – $340 (vaping cost) = $1850 savings annually

$183 (smoking cost) – $28 (vaping cost) = $155 savings monthly

Although many vapers will agree that these figures are accurate, there are too many variables to arrive at an exact calculation. How much you’ll save will depend upon how much you smoke and the price of tobacco in your country – but whether you are in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand – in fact wherever there is substantial excise or taxation on tobacco, the savings will be substantial.

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