4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Vapor Production

31 Dec 4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Vapor Production

Is your e-cig producing a small amount of vapor? Or maybe you’re dripping and just looking for bigger clouds? Either way, here are some suggestions that will ensure your e-cig is working at full capacity and producing voluminous clouds of vapor:

1.     Use Higher VG E-Liquid

If you’re still at the stage where you’re unaware of what’s inside your e-liquid, it’s time to pay attention. E-liquid consists of two base ingredients, PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine).  VG produces more vapor than PG. It also has a lesser throat hit, thicker viscosity, and slightly sweeter taste. This however, is not advised for a non-rebuildable tank atomizer. In a tank, 100% VG based e-liquid will not wick properly and cause your wick to burn.

2.     Lower Your Resistance

Lower-resistance components allow more current to pass through, resulting in greater power output. By switching to a lower resistance atomizer or clearomizer, you’ll be able to produce more vapor from your existing hardware. But be aware that only choice a coil within the acceptable resistance range of your e-cigarettes.

3.       Increase the Airflow of Your Atomizer

More airflow across the coil means you can carry the vaporized juice away from the coil and allow new juice to vaporize, which means more vapor, much faster.

4.     Invest in a High Wattage Regulated Box Mod.
For the cloud chasers out there, a high wattage box mod is the best way to go. Whereas a mechanical mod will top off at around a 3-4 volt output (this is determined by your battery), a regulated box mod can actually amplify the voltage output. The Vapestrm POQUETTE is capable of doubling a mechanical mod’s voltage with its 9.0V maximum voltage outputs. Additionally, regulated box mods come loaded with extra safety features and fuses to prevent blowing up your battery.

If you’re looking for thicker, more satisfying clouds, then applying some of these techniques will undoubtedly improve the performance of your device. Hope you enjoy your vaping!

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